World of Inclusion Leaflet to Labour Party Conference

September 28, 2018 by Richard Rieser

Labour Party, UK Commits to Inclusive Education in National Education Service.

Inclusion Leaflet for Labour Party Conference 2018

The Leaflet supported the Reference back by Islington North of the SEND Section of the Policy Review Early Years, Education and Training because it did not committee the Labour Party to developing an Inclusive Education System. Moved by Richard Rieser, Islington North delegate and Director of World of Inclusion. This was unanimously carried.

The wording in the reference back “To ensure the NES, in line with international human rights treaties, is based on the principle of inclusive education, with sufficient funding and staff training to make this a reality” was also contained in a National Education Union leaflet to the Conference.

In moving this Richard pointed out it was Disability Labour Policy and of the Socialist Education Association and the main unions.

In her speech to Conference on the same afternoon Angela Rayner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education stated:

“Too often those who suffer from staff shortages are children with special educational needs and disabilities. So our National Education Service Charter, the result of thousands of submissions from our members and others guarantees it will be truly inclusive.

That is why our Shadow Children’s Minister Emma Lewell-Buck will lead plans to stop those with special educational needs and disabilities from falling out of the school system. And we would back it up with a record investment in modernising school buildings to make sure they are accessible to all who could learn in them.

Providing an excellent education to the many and not a privileged few.”

24th September 2018.