1. QCDA Disability and Curiculum film clips Nine films of schools working on the project -Students’ Views

    July 30, 2014 by Atiha Gupta

    Disabled and non-disabled students from St Matthias Primary, Yarm Primary, Anthony Gell Secondary and Bethnal Green Technology College

    Duration – 5:38

  2. South Camden Community School

    July 29, 2014 by Atiha Gupta

    South Camden Community School


    Duration – 3:17

  3. Bethnal Green Technology College 2

    by Atiha Gupta

    Bethnal Green Technology College


    Duration – 2:39

  4. Bethnal Green Technology College 1

    by Atiha Gupta

    Bethnal Green Technology College


    Duration – 5:39

  5. Anthony Gell Comprehensive

    by Atiha Gupta

    Anthony Gell Comprehensive Secondary School

    Maths, Science, Humanities, History, Physical Education and Citizenship

    Duration – 9:26

  6. Yarm and Mill School

    by Atiha Gupta

    Yarm and Mill Lane Primary Schools

    Literacy, Science, History and Citizenship

    Duration – 9:04

  7. St Peter’s School London Docks

    by Atiha Gupta

    St Peter’s London Docks School – Year 4

    Geography and Citizenship

    Duration – 4:42

  8. St Matthias Primary School 2

    by Atiha Gupta

    St Matthias Primary School 2 – Myths

    Literacy, History, Art and Citizenship

    Duration – 5:37

  9. St Matthias Primary School 1

    by Atiha Gupta

    St Matthias Primary School – Year One

    Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Music and Citizenship

    Duration – 7:37

  10. Inclusive Education in South Sudan presentation

    June 20, 2014 by Atiha Gupta

    Richard Rieser has worked with the Dutch NGO Light For The World to develop a policy paper for inclusive education in South Sudan. This is the first part:


    For part two, click on the link below: