1. What Makes an Inclusive School?

    October 26, 2023 by admin

    Jacqui and Sally are retired Co-Headteachers Рthey explain how their school had become one of the most inclusive in the UK. To learn more about Peer mediation and how to set it up in schools, see our video tutorial or learn at your own pace via our online school.

  2. QCDA Disability and Curiculum film clips Nine films of schools working on the project -Students’ Views

    July 30, 2014 by Atiha Gupta

    Disabled and non-disabled students from St Matthias Primary, Yarm Primary, Anthony Gell Secondary and Bethnal Green Technology College

    Duration – 5:38

  3. South Camden Community School

    July 29, 2014 by Atiha Gupta

    South Camden Community School


    Duration – 3:17

  4. Bethnal Green Technology College 2

    by Atiha Gupta

    Bethnal Green Technology College


    Duration – 2:39

  5. Bethnal Green Technology College 1

    by Atiha Gupta

    Bethnal Green Technology College


    Duration – 5:39

  6. Anthony Gell Comprehensive

    by Atiha Gupta

    Anthony Gell Comprehensive Secondary School

    Maths, Science, Humanities, History, Physical Education and Citizenship

    Duration – 9:26

  7. Yarm and Mill School

    by Atiha Gupta

    Yarm and Mill Lane Primary Schools

    Literacy, Science, History and Citizenship

    Duration – 9:04

  8. St Peter’s School London Docks

    by Atiha Gupta

    St Peter’s London Docks School – Year 4

    Geography and Citizenship

    Duration – 4:42

  9. St Matthias Primary School 2

    by Atiha Gupta

    St Matthias Primary School 2 – Myths

    Literacy, History, Art and Citizenship

    Duration – 5:37

  10. St Matthias Primary School 1

    by Atiha Gupta

    St Matthias Primary School – Year One

    Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, Music and Citizenship

    Duration – 7:37