Challenging Disablist Bullying in Schools Jan/Feb/March 2015

February 25, 2015 by Richard Rieser

As part of the Anti Bullying Alliance Project focus on SEN/Disability Bullying, World of Inclusion was commissioned to develop materials from a disability equality perspective, to challenge disablist bullying in primary and secondary schools.

Various tools and methods were developed and used with groups of disabled and non-disabled children in six schools(2 secondary and 4 primary). The young people then took what they had learned and presented it to their peers in an assembly.The workshops and assemblies were filmed.
Timeline of the History of the treatment of disabled people. A presentation was made of a history time line(slides 1-8) and various cards describing the treatment of disabled people were read out and members for the group had to stick them in the correct position under the time line (remainder of slides 9-28).
Presentation Timeline ABA Project

One of the more effective tools was ‘Disability Detectives’ In small groups the 8 information sheets were handed out together with a questionnire and participants had to find the answers from their information sheet and report back their findings to the whole group.

Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page003 Deaf People
Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page001People with Autism

Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page002 Visual Impairment
Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page004 DS primary
Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page005 Learning Diff PrimaryWorksheetsfinalreworked-Page006 Short Stature
Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page009 Physical Impairment
Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page010 Mental Health
Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page007 Down Syndrome
Worksheetsfinalreworked-Page008 Learning Difficulty Sec

Questionnaire: Be an information detective
All Equal All Different Questionnaire

We examined a number of case studies of disablist bullying in groups. Prior to this activity we watched a cartoon about Jay-a wheelchair user who liked sport, but after being bullied did not want to anymore. In the second cartoon some of his peers challenge what happened and go to the headteacher who organizes and assembly with a Paralympic medal winner to talk to the school about bullying. This helps to change attitudes.

All the resources and films of six workshops held in the following Primary schools:- Colemore Juniors- Birmingham,
Emersons Green- South Gloucestershire,
Highbury Quadrant’ Islington
Wroxham-Hertfordshire ;
and two Secondary
Schools Fulford-York
Priestnall -Stockport

See Anti Bullying Alliance Website